Want to know the secret behind a successful business, get ready to Follow-up! 

Simple things, that create a great impact! 

The point where you begin to analyze and think about how you can turn a lead into a potential customer is the process of you thinking for lead conversion. 

According to the article published by Hubspot, it defines, “Lead conversion is a joint marketing and sales process that involves converting leads into customers through nurturing tactics like behaviour automation, retargeting, and email nurturing. It’s not to be confused with lead generation, which focuses on turning visitors and prospects into leads.

            There are certain companies that do not grow? Why? 

       And why are there certain companies which do grow? Why?
Just pause a moment and give it a thought! 

One of the crucial answers to the above-mentioned question is the term Follow-up!
Let’s say you have your brand where you launched certain products. You even hired some sales manager and formed your sales team under that person. The sales team introduced the goods, contacted 100 customers a day and they just finished up their work. The customers who were contacted didn’t receive another call from the sales team who contacted them at first. 

What will be your customer’s reaction? Pause a moment and give it a thought staying in the customer’s shoes. 

As a customer, you may be thinking, “ What kind of company is it? Why aren’t they calling me back? Was that a fraud company that was just trying to take the data from me? Were the products introduced to me were fake/cheap/damaged? And the list goes on and on.” And this leads the company towards negative marketing and the company won’t last long in the field of business. 

As everyone says, “ Customers are the greatest treasure whether its for startup or fortune 500s.” 

Which customer wouldn’t love being treated Royal? According to the report of 2018, it was found that due to poor customer services, businesses were at a loss of about $78  billion per year. And customers left buying the product related to those businesses just because, they didn’t feel appreciated, were unable to find the answers and were feeling lost. 

Now, if you analyze the above-mentioned scenario who do you think is the reason behind the downfall of the company? Yes, you are right. It’s you! 

Running a brand, knowing your customer is your biggest asset. It becomes your task to make every lead feel individually remembered and respected. 

Before heading toward the advantage of follow-ups, let us take a moment to analyze what you are missing without following up with your customers.

  1. Lack of Trust:

    As a customer, they want to trust the brand they use. 

    They want to find a brand that’s easy to do business with, so they don’t have to constantly shop for alternatives. As PwC experts say, “People are increasingly loyal to the retailers, products, brands and devices that consistently provide exceptional value with minimum friction or stress.”
  2. Loss of Revenue:

    According to NewVoice Media, “An estimated $62 billion is lost by U.S. businesses each year following bad customer experiences.” Now, do you know where are your transaction losses coming from? By offering a bad customer service experience, you’re effectively handing your competitors a golden opportunity to satisfy your customers, with very little effort on their part.
  3. Loss of brand as a Brand Identity:

    Why do you think many people prefer Amazon? The name Amazon is more than enough! A survey on user-generated reviews launched in 2017 by Podium found that 58% of consumers look at online reviews at least weekly. A whopping 80% found those reviews to be just as helpful as the more formal product reviews on major retailer sites like Amazon.

Customer experience has become a highly sophisticated science, requiring not just complex technology but also real expertise to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.  At the same time, though, that’s no excuse for taking unnecessary risks.  That’s why Following up after an initial call is very important for getting business done. Most salespeople aren’t aware as to just how important it really is!

Now, you already know the secret behind closing a deal and converting a lead to clients. So, let us see some of the advantages of maintaining a close connection with your customers. 

  1. Establishing great marketing:

    Based on the statistics mentioned above in this article, putting forth the effort to complete five follow-up calls will bring a salesperson 80% more sales on average than fewer total attempts per prospect. Besides additional sales, a good relationship and trust gained from follow-up calls you’ve made will encourage consumers to purchase from you again.
  2. Building Trust:

    If the customer expectations are fulfilled, it provides them with more reasons to choose a particular product. This way the customers stick to your business for a longer period of time as you are always available and they remember you for the rest of their lives, for delivering great customer service.
  3. Add values and create a stronger connection:

    Follow-ups make customers feel special and therefore it increases the reliability process for the customers. A regular follow up always gives customers a chance to be heard and get engaged effectively helping to create a deeper bond. Follow-ups can be a great source to ask customers, “What they want/expect next.” Customers usually want a medium to get in touch with the company. Therefore, the follow-up system enhances this communication add value and maintain a long-lasting connection. 

The main objective of the follow-up is to make communication easier and simple. It is an initiative to maintain an effective communication network with your existing customers, prospective leads and business people within the organization. It is a movement towards managing calls on the go! Following up with your customers is the most crucial part of any of your marketing strategies, which most marketers forget and still continue to forget. 

No customers will stay with you if you leave them alone during difficult situations, so it’s time to follow up!