It might be tough to maintain track of critical ticket modifications such as putting a ticket on hold or manually moving from one agent to another.
By automating the handling of issues throughout their lifecycle, ticket management feature may aid in the optimization of support services. dynoCRM now supports Ticket Management or generally known as Help Desk.

A quick overview of ticket management system in dynoCRM.

What is Ticket Management System?

Ticket management system is a robust system used to register, organize, prioritize, and resolve support tickets. This system can be used to collect requests and track ticket lifecycle from creation to resolution. Ticket management software can tell you how long a ticket has been in the system, whether the client has gotten updates, which team is working on the problem, and whether the ticket is on hold or being actively resolved.

Benefits of Ticket Management System:

  • Effectively deliver help desk support services and ensure client satisfaction and retention
  • Manage large volume of support requests
  • Easier for business to decide who works on what and figuring out timeline.
  • Monitor tracking time from creation till closure.
  • Get the complete report of tickets.
  • Filter tickets as per the requirements.
  • Boost employees productivity and turn customers to loyal customers.

Turn your customers to loyal customers. Give them the time and effort they deserve. Try dynoCRM’s Ticket Management System today.

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